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Scott Osborne
Chief Executive Officer

Scott is the founder and CEO of Total Synergy. He has an irrepressible passion for business, technology and giving back to the community. His entrepreneurial spirit underpins our company’s success and saved him from a career in accounting. Scott is the father of three and a die-hard rugby enthusiast.

Katie Yates
Marketing Manager

Katie is a driven marketing professional. She fuses creativity with practicality to deliver great buyer and user experiences that spark conversations and get results. She is a strong advocate for plain English, simplicity and teamwork. She loves to run especially when her family is at the finish line.

Jon Devine
Services Manager

Jon is a veteran of technology and product development. His wealth of experience gives him a deep understanding of our clients’ business systems and the challenges they face. He is passionate about empowering our clients for success. Jon’s chosen mode of transport is his push-bike. He is fueled by his family, piccolos and great debates.

Greg Swanson
Product Architect

Greg welcomes and adapts to technology by keeping his skills and products ahead of the curve. His thirst for technology allows him to deliver products beyond expectations. He loves code and continues to work with the best and brightest in product development. Greg is a beer connoisseur and runs regularly with his wife to offset the carbs.


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