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Synergy Enterprise Cloud Services – sign up now and save $250

by Total Synergy | 09 May 2012

If you’re a Synergy Enterprise client, this means you will have access to your business information anywhere, anytime and all you need is an internet connection to log in via Synergy Cloud Services. As previously announced, Total Synergy has selected the ‘best-of-breed’ Microsoft Azure platform to host our cloud infrastructure. The Azure cloud is a scalable, cost effective, collaborative and secure platform that will enable us to continue providing business management solutions and services that fulfil your needs.

Synergy Enterprise Cloud Services currently include the following:

Disaster Recovery Services – A disaster recovery back-up feature will save your Synergy database securely to the cloud. This reduces the risk of losing all your business data and gives you peace of mind in the case of a fire, floods, robbery or server failure.

Synergy Web Timesheets (NEW) – Web Timesheets will give users the increased flexibility to enter time and expenses online and the database will be kept up-to-date in real time. All you need is a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone with an internet connection.

Synergy Mobile – The corporate workspace is constantly evolving. Synergy Mobile will enable access to business information when you are out of the office via your phone, tablet or notebook.

Deloitte Profit Enhancement Tool – An AEC industry-wide benchmarking solution in partnership with Deloitte Private. The Deloitte Profit Enhancement Tool (PET) will help you implement best practice by allowing you to see exactly where you stand against industry peers. More information below.

Synergy Enterprise Cloud Services and applications will give our clients the opportunity to try out our new online services without having to worry about any additional hardware requirements. These services will be available with the next major release - Synergy 4.8.



Clients that attended Synergy 2012 – Most clients that attended Synergy 2012 have already taken advantage of their special offer and have signed up for Synergy Cloud Services for FREE. If your order form got lost in your to-do pile, please ensure you complete it and email it back to us within 7 days.

Clients that did not attend Synergy 2012 – If you’d like to sign up for Synergy Cloud Services, email us to express your interest. We will mail you a copy of your Synergy Cloud Services Order Form to complete the sign up process and ensure you are across all the terms and conditions.

The standard set up fee for Synergy Cloud Services is $500 (ex GST), however we are offering a special $250 set up fee (50% discount) to all clients who contact us and sign up before Friday 29 June, 2012. Any clients that sign up beyond this date will incur the standard fee, so don’t delay!