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Total Synergy 2015 client satisfaction survey results

I’m very proud to release the results of our 2015 client satisfaction survey results.

As you will see in the infographic, we came out with a 96 percent overall satisfaction rating – 34 percent very satisfied (four percent up on last year) and 62 percent satisfied (seven percent down on last year). Overall, this is down three percent on last year, though we’re still pretty thrilled with 96 percent!

Despite these very positive numbers, we take negative feedback and criticism seriously. The survey highlighted concerns, complaints and issues and my executive team and I took the time to call and meet with all dissatisfied clients to discuss concerns and make plans to resolve issues where possible.


Surveys like this mean nothing if they don’t cause action to be taken to improve products and services related to the feedback.

In 2016 we have focused on three key areas as highlighted in the infographic:

Clients’ new staff become dissatisfied with Synergy if they don’t receive training.

When knowledgeable staff leave, they take their knowledge with them. New staff can struggle to pick up the threads of a complex application like Synergy, which can damage their experience. Despite a number of resources to help with this (help files, webinars, onsite training, newsletters), we will work to improve the visibility of these resources to make your on-boarding process easier. We’re working to create Synergy-specific on-boarding checklists for you to provide for your new team members.

Happy clients are good, delighted clients are better!

We doubled the size of our development team at our Sydney HQ in 2015 to speed up our delivery of product enhancements and innovation. Our seven-strong development team – all based in our North Sydney HQ – are already delivering significant levels of enhancements to both our version 4 and version 5 products (those of you at Synergy2016, our national client conference, saw this first hand).

Clients are happy with free visits and training webinars.

In 2015 our services team met with over 40 percent of our clients and grew training webinar attendance by 63 percent. We continue to offer these service at no additional cost to ensure engaged clients can continually develop capabilities with Synergy and their businesses.

Finally, one not mentioned on the infographic, we’ve implemented an employer brand strategy and brought HR and recruitment consulting services in to support those functions of the business. The goal is to ensure we hire the best people in the industry in our expanding service, technical support, development and marketing teams. It’s proven that engaged and loyal employees results in better service and benefits to you, our clients. This is a major focus for us.

I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to you, our clients – especially all who responded with such candid feedback! My team and I truly strive to deliver the best product and service experience we can for our very specific users and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you driving us forward.

I wish you all continuing success in 2016, and beyond.

Scott Osborne,



CSAT 2015