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Top tips from Synergy services for a fret free festive furlough

It’s that time when Australia closes up shop for a few weeks (for the most part). A time to forget about work, head to the beach and catch your fill of the finer things in life. What you don’t want to do is fret the festivities away thinking about what you didn’t do before you closed down, and what you’re going to face when you get back to the office.

So, to help consign these concerns to the virtual morning after – like all the best headaches – we asked our services team for some top tips on things to remember when closing the office, and things to prepare for a new calendar year.

More time for turkey


Make sure your Synergy backup is working (and any others). If you have any doubt, run a separate Synergy backup and make sure it works and can be restored. If you’re still running tape or offsite backups of another sort, check them too. It’s not unusual for these to not be quite what you thought they were…

If you have concerns, Synergy Cloud Services backs your Synergy database up to Microsoft Azure cloud storage and offers peace of mind when it comes to disaster recovery (not to mention all the benefits that come with the Synergy cloud app). Disaster recovery and Synergy Cloud Services are available as part of your subscription. All you’ll have to pay is a nominal fee for getting it set up and getting your data up there.


Get everyone’s timesheets up to date before they all head out the door on leave. It’s pretty much impossible to remember the details of what you were doing before you disengaged your brain for a couple of weeks. As you take an active interest in the grey matter search-and-destroy mission that’s often undertaken during festive times, you might find it’s the timesheet memory that’s first for the chop!


Do you set your rates on the calendar year? If so, you’ll be using new rates from the first of January so get these set up in advance. If you use the year as your project prefix, remember to add 16 or 2016 to the project prefixes list AND set it as the default prefix in your office settings.

If you do create new rate group(s), remember to amend your sub project templates to reflect the new rate groups. That way, any new projects created in the new year will automatically pick them up.

It may also be an opportunity to inactivate the superceded rate groups so they can no longer be selected.


And finally, if you have had your salary reviews at the end of this year, remember that the remuneration in Synergy must also be updated. It would be a good investment to check your overhead factor at this point, as well, to ensure your costs are correct for the next 12 months.

So there you go, top tips for a trouble free post Christmas revival. Please get in touch if you need any pointers on the above, otherwise have a lovely break!