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Synergy2015 - strategic benefits of content marketing (and how to do it) - Jamie Millar

Total Synergy corporate communications manager Jamie Millar talks to the Synergy2015 audience about the strategic benefits of content marketing, and how to do it as an SME professional services firm.

Content marketing is one piece of a broader digital marketing strategy, but it's a very cost effective way of building a corporate personality and image, and developing trust with a target audience, which, for SME AEC businesses, can include customers, partners, collaborators, contractors, consultants and more. Jamie talks about why content marketing is important and how to get started.

Synergy2015 - Jamie Millar from Total Synergy on Vimeo.

Biography – Jamie Millar – Corporate Communications Manager, Total Synergy

Jamie is Total Synergy's corporate communications manager. A former PR agency director, brand manager and magazine editor, he's responsible for how Total Synergy talks to itself (but not in a crazy way) and the outside world. Originally from Scotland, Jamie has had various roles around the world working in Greece, England, British Virgin Islands and USA. Other ways he has earned a living include butlering for royalty, working in Formula 1, and managing a fleet of charter yachts.

Jamie Millar