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Synergy2015 - client presentation - David Yeates

Liquid Blu Architects business manager David Yeates talks about his role in running the business of the practice to allow the architects to do design. He demonstrates how Synergy has saved Liquid Blu significant money through efficiencies with accounting processes, document transmittals using the drawing register.

Synergy2015 - David Yeates from Total Synergy on Vimeo.

Biography – David Yeates – Business Manager, Liquid Blu Architects

David has spent over a decade working with business leaders in the AEC industry; streamlining and implementing systems that improve performance and increase profits.

Currently responsible for the operational management of Liquid Blu, one of Australia’s leading Aquatic and Recreation Design Firms, David has been integral in the implementation and integration of peripheral business systems that have significantly improved the organisations capacity to focus on core capabilities.

David describes Total Synergy as a vital tool in tying together finance, quality management, project management and business analysis at the same time as providing simple operational tools for staff and management.

David Yeates