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Synergy2015 - client presentation - McVeigh Consultants

McVeigh Consultants managing director Michael McVeigh begins by talking about how company culture is critical to defining the business approach of the company. He demonstrates how they use Synergy to determine business strategy across four key areas: BIM, training, business development, and operational efficiencies.

Synergy2015 - Michael McVeigh from Total Synergy on Vimeo.

Biography – Michael McVeigh – Managing Director, McVeigh Consultants

Michael is the managing director of McVeigh Consultants, an integrated structural, civil, architectural and project management services firm. He has over 25 years experience and exceptional technical expertise in industrial building design, structural and civil engineering and project management. His expertise lies in understanding clients’ desired project outcomes and delivering them. Michael has a long track record of formulating innovative solutions to project challenges that add value to the client.


Michael McVeigh