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Total Synergy 2014 client satisfaction survey results

From Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne:

I’m very proud to release the results of our 2014 client satisfaction survey results. [Read more below the infographic]

Total Synergy 2014 CSAT infographic

As you will see in the infographic we came out with a 99 per cent overall satisfaction rating – 30 per cent very satisfied. In fact, all satisfaction ratings were up across the board.

With any survey of this nature, there are also negatives. We take our survey responses extremely seriously and my executive team and I called, or met with, every one of our dissatisfied clients. In the case of product feature and capability concerns, we sent our product architect Greg Swanson out to have a chat about the specifics.

Satisfaction surveys are arbitrary without implementing meaningful actions. In light of the results, our primary objective in 2015 is to move as many of the 69 per cent of clients who were simply ‘satisfied’ to very satisfied – we want our clients to have a consistently great experience with our products, services and company.


In 2014 we focused on visiting many clients to ‘health check’ their use of Synergy and see how we can improve their overall experience. This extra service will continue in 2015 as we gradually work around to everyone.

We recently added new people to our helpdesk team to increase its strength in depth and make further improvements to our support response times. We’re also in the process of doubling our product development team.

Finally, following an extremely well received programme of free training webinars in 2014, we’re continuing these and responding to the community request for more role-based training and online resources to help with onboarding your new staff to Synergy.

I’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to you, our clients – especially all who responded with such candid feedback! My team and I truly strive to deliver the best product and service experience we can for our very specific users and we wouldn’t be where we are today without you driving us forward.

I wish you all a very successful 2015, and beyond, and look forward to seeing many of you at Synergy2015!

Scott Osborne,



Total Synergy 2014 CSAT