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Xpress reimagined – Synergy taking flight

Synergy Xpress was launched back in 2009 as a product designed to meet the needs of very small practices of around one to five people. Synergy Xpress was a pared back version of Synergy Enterprise – we simply switched a bunch of features off. The problem with doing that is you don’t necessarily reduce the complexity, you just leave gaps in what is ultimately a product designed for a bigger enterprise role.

You could say it had limited success.

So we’ve rebuilt it, from scratch, in the cloud. The all-new Synergy will be launched some time in the new year.

The first thing to note is we’re not calling it Xpress. The new software will simply be called Synergy. The second thing is that this is not just the next evolution of Synergy Practice Management as you know it now. This is new – new platform, new way of developing, new way of using, new way of thinking, and an awesome new design, look and feel. The outputs will be much the same, though – it’s still about running architecture, engineering and construction design businesses through project accounting, project management, document management and project collaboration.

The new Synergy’s focus is initially on the basic needs of small AEC businesses and individual professionals. It will offer AEC project accounting features such as timesheets, invoicing, rates and costs, and connections to cloud accounting software. It will offer project management features such as reporting, dashboards and centralised project controls. It will also come with contact management, project communications tools and basic document sharing. The essentials, you might say.

Where it will stop short is in the more complex things like drawing register, transmittals, contract admin, resource planning and other features from Enterprise. In time we’ll build Synergy out to deliver these enterprise scale features (and quite a lot more) but that takes a bit more time.

What about the Synergy you use now? Fear not, Synergy Practice Management users! As our CEO Scott Osborne said at Synergy2014, we have two development teams working on the two distinct products. Synergy Practice Management as it stands now will continue to be developed and supported so those of you who don’t like the idea of the cloud and all its benefits – like mobility, multiple devices, flexibility to work anywhere, anytime, off-premise data and file storage – don’t have to worry, Synergy Practice Management goes on.

Those who are keen to move to the cloud will eventually be able to do so, though it requires us to build the matching features and data conversion tools to get you there (all tasks on the development board). In the meantime, if you don’t already use Synergy Cloud Services, now would be a good time to talk to our service team about getting on with that as this will be the first step in eventually using Synergy fully in the cloud.

The reason we’re telling you all this now is because you’ll begin to see a bit more communication around the new product and it’s important you know what the difference is. As has been said above, this new Synergy is designed for individual professionals and micro firms, not for enterprise scale businesses with deeper practice management needs. The more sophisticated version with deeper functionality will be forthcoming and we’ll keep you posted on projected launch dates in the future.

Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions.

Features coming to the new Synergy