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Windows Server 2003 end of support – 14 July 2015

Windows Server 2003 and Windows Small Business Server 2013 came out 11 years ago – that’s 57 dog years and about 1000 technology years!

This is what ‘end of support’ means according to Microsoft:

From 14 July 2015, Microsoft will no longer offer security updates, support or technical content updates for Windows Server 2003. The result?

  • Security patches and hotfixes will no longer be available, leaving servers and applications vulnerable to security threats and downtime – 37 critical updates were released for Windows Server 2003 in 2013 alone
  • Windows Server 2003 and the workloads and applications running on it will become more expensive to operate
  • Outdated software will create compliance risks

The options you have as far as server software goes is to upgrade to Windows 2012 R2. You could still go to Windows 2008, but there doesn’t seem a lot of point upgrading to something that’s already 29 dog years old…

Windows Server 2003 End of Life

SQL 2005 – NO LONGER SUPPORTED BY SYNERGY (and off maintream support from Microsoft)

While Windows Server 2003 won’t come off support until July 2015, and is, to all intents and purposes, still quite stable, the bigger problem is if you’re still running MS SQL 2005. If you are, current versions of Synergy won’t work.

Total Synergy services manager Jon Devine says SQL 2005 came off support in 2011.

“Microsoft is still updating it with what they call ‘hot updates’ for critical things, but Synergy now uses code that only works in later versions of SQL,” Jon says.

“We’ve had issues where clients have upgraded Synergy while still on SQL 2005 and scripts have not worked… they have had to upgrade SQL to ensure Synergy still works.”

If you’re still using Windows Server 2003 and/or SQL 2005, it’s time to plan the change. Talk to your IT support team and figure out the options. Give our support team a call if you need any help moving Synergy.

windows server 2003 end of life