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SynergyTIPS – Keep your My Projects list up-to date using Bulk Update

Finding it hard to find the project you are working on, has your list of favourites become too long? Don’t have the time to manually uncheck the projects you don’t want in your list anymore, one-by-one?

Use the My Project feature to create a list of your favourite projects, or ones that you work on regularly.

After you’ve been using Synergy for a while as a Project Manager, the Projects list can become lengthy as every project you create is auto added as a favourite.
Use Bulk Update (found in the Project List toolbar) to update this list to auto add/remove projects to your list. Try out settings like removing ‘complete’ or ‘unsuccessful’ status projects from the list, as no further work will be required on those projects.

Or, if your list is blank, try using ‘add projects where I have entered timesheets in last 60 days’ to populate your favourites list.

Synergy bulk update

If your favourites list is your preferred start point in Synergy you can set it up to auto load with the list after you login.

  • Go to Tools Menu > User Settings.
  • Select ‘Projects’ as your ‘Startup module’
  • Save
  • Next time you login Synergy will auto open with the Projects List showing a list of your favourite ‘My Projects’


Synergy set favourites list for login