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Total Synergy 2013 client satisfaction survey results

In October last year (2013) we sent out a client satisfaction survey to 780 of our clients. We had 234 responses – 30 per cent. This is a huge response.

The first thing to say is thank you. We’d like to share the results with you – check out the infographic below.

We sent this survey out with serious intent and have treated the feedback with the same intent. Surveys like this, when responded to by an engaged and caring audience, are both chastening and humbling. We had some wonderful responses from people who are more than thrilled with what we help them do at work everyday. We also faced some hard truths from clients who felt we could be doing a lot better.

While we’ve patted ourselves on the back for the good stuff, we have also taken a hard look at the not-so-good stuff, and we have taken action. This includes speaking to all clients who had a level of dissatisfaction, changing our internal support and helpdesk structure, getting out and about to see clients in their offices with experienced consultants, offering free online training webinars, and restructuring our client event to be delivered on a national stage, offering original and relevant content structured around what you told us you wanted.

We’re going to be running this survey annually so we can benchmark your satisfaction, and our performance, and continue to strive for improvement.

Thanks again for your support, honesty and loyalty – my team and I look forward to continuing to support you in the days, months and years to come.

Scott Osborne
CEO – Total Synergy