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Synergy 4.8.8 – major product release

The latest release for Synergy is now live – Synergy 4.8.8.

This is a major release containing a large number of new developments and updates to existing features in both Synergy Enterprise and Foundation.So what’s new in Synergy 4.8.8...

Superannuation increase coming - now you can bulk update all staff records

Just in time for the new financial year, Synergy 4.8.8 will allow you to bulk update your staff records with the new 9.5 per cent superannuation levy rate that takes effect on 1 July, 2014. This means no record-by-record changes to be made saving you a whole heap of time.

MYOB AccountRight Live Connect

If you’re looking to move from MYOB standard version to AccountRight Live (MYOB’s version of cloud accounting) you can now do that and still transfer your Synergy invoice or expense data to MYOB AccountRight Live, avoiding double entry in both systems.

Click here to find out more about Synergy Connect for MYOB.

MYOB AccountRight Live


Pre-bill invoicing and reporting

Pre-bill invoicing allows you to invoice the client up-front for project work and use pre-billing to attach the transactions to the invoice at a later point. This means you can avoid write-off's, and report revenue and costs from transaction reports, even when its revenue only.

Phases – group sub projects together for invoicing

This redesigned feature allows users to group sub projects together into phases for easier display on invoices and fee proposal documents. The redesign makes it easier to enable phases even when invoices exist, and apply multiple fee types and statuses. We've created a phase sorting wizard with drag and drop functionality, visual phase grouping, and invoice templates for mixed phases.

Project status and sub project sorting

The project status and sub project sorting update allows you to update the sub project order using drag and drop, or update the status for a project (and all linked sub projects) in one action. Project and sub project statuses are now updated using the same wizard.

Synergy Cloud Services rubber stamped for Foundation users

Synergy Cloud ServicesSynergy Cloud Services has been helping Enterprise users be more effective, efficient and mobile since 2012. We’re now opening that up to all Foundation users. This means you can back your critical project and financial data up to the cloud, take advantage of disaster recovery, do timesheets (daily and new weekly format) and expenses online and mobile via the cloud app, access all contacts and project notes online and via mobile, and report on time and expenses.

Click here to find out more about Synergy Cloud Services.


There’s a whooooole lot more, too…

We’ve added a whole bunch more in the Synergy 4.8.8 major release including:

  • Define different overheads for a team or office
  • Monitor revenue trends
  • Changes in work breakdown tab
  • Changes to drawing register and transmittal module
  • Import supplier expense payments from Xero
  • Weekly time and expense entry
  • A bucket-load of minor updates

If you’d like to find out more about how Synergy can help your architectural, engineering or construction design business be more effective, efficient and profitable – and, most importantly,  find more time for design – contact Synergy now

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