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Synergy Cloud Services updates

Synergy Cloud Services has been updated. One of the benefits of cloud software is updates can be affected and rolled out without users having to do anything. It just happens.

Here’s what’s changed:


When we launched the online helpdesk around 12 months ago, we began using third party authentication for login using ubiquitous services like Google (gmail), Microsoft (Hotmail, and Yahoo!. The benefit of using these services is that most people already use one of these services, don’t have to create yet another password and Synergy doesn’t have to manage the security of that password.

When you have users that don’t have one of these third party services they can now login using the email option. This lets the user create a Synergy Cloud Services username and password with their work email address associated with the Synergy staff record.

Check out this video to see how this works:

Login to Synergy Cloud Services and setup your Profile from Total Synergy on Vimeo.


Timesheets and Expenses in the Synergy cloud app can now be entered in a weekly view. This was a highly requested feature for many of our users with large numbers of staff overseas, to make it easy to enter time or expenses for repetitive tasks that they perform each day. The new calendar view summary lets you quickly see a total of how many hours your have entered timesheets for, or the total value entered for expenses for each day.

Here's a video showing how these work:

Weekly Time and Expense Entry in Synergy Cloud Services from Total Synergy on Vimeo.


You can now create time and expense reports from the Synergy cloud app. You can create reports on timesheets in weekly, monthly or custom date ranges.

Expense reports can be created for expenses at various status levels (pending, declined, approved, queried) and created for custom date ranges.

Reports can be viewed as a PDF in your web browser. Download, save or print these PDF reports using your web browser.

Timesheet reporting panels are also available to let you see a graphical view of what projects you have been working on.

This video shows hot to use time and expense reports:

Time and Expense Reports in Synergy Cloud Services from Total Synergy on Vimeo.