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Synergy 4.8.5 goes live — new functions, features and an eye on the future

With new features including transmittals, drawing register and general updates, there’s also a nod to a cloudwards future with the Xero cloud accounting app being added to Account Connector, and an all-new cloud-based helpdesk and support centre.

Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne said the update brings new, never before available functionality to the AEC sector.

“We’re committed to delivering software that our clients really need and want,” Scott said.

“As a result, we’ve worked hard to create the new document transmittals function along with the cloud-based helpdesk and Synergy Connect for Xero.

“Large parts of this release represent our first steps to delivering the first fully cloud-based business management platform for the global AEC industry.”

The feedback gathered through beta testing was really good. Architecture practice Studio Nine practice manager Marilyn Ey was overall impressed by the document transmittal function saying “it did a lot more than I expected it to”.

N. G. Stebbing and Associates director Neil Stebbing said integration of Synergy and Xero is “so important, so project data is relevant and up-to-date”. You can read more of Neil’s comments and experience of testing Synergy Connect for Xero here.

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