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Total Synergy is live



Synergy 4.8 and Cloud Services have arrived

Key Benefits of Synergy 4.8:

  • Organise, access and manage information more effectively with the new Synergy dashboard tabs, Cloud Services and customisable HTML templates to streamline communications
  • Save time and costs using the new project management features, resource planning module and improved budgeting/forecasting controls
  • Improve reporting with customisable styles, formats and export templates

Key features you’ll love in Synergy 4.8:

  • Resource & Capacity Management**
  • New extended Project Forecasting*
  • Management Reports*
  • Cloud Services and Mobile Applications*
  • Benchmarking – Deloitte Profit Enhancement Tool
  • New and improved Synergy Help Files
    ... and more!

* These features are exclusive to Synergy Enterprise Clients.
** The Resource & Capacity Management module requires additional set-up and training, contact us for more details.

Have you upgraded to Synergy 4.8?

Most of you would have upgraded by now, but if you haven’t, the sooner the better to take advantage of the new features and functionality.

Upgrading to Synergy 4.8 is easy! Follow the simple instructions outlined in the Synergy Upgrade Instructions of our new Help Files.

Once you’ve upgraded, you can select F1 to access the help files and get your team up and running with the new release. We also offer flexible on-site or remote training options to help you learn how to use all the new features quickly, to unlock Synergy’s full potential.

Have you signed up for Synergy Cloud Services?

More than 40% of our Synergy Enterprise clients have already signed-up.

What are ‘cloud services’? Cloud services enable you and your team the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere, anytime via an internet browser on a mobile computing device. Cloud services also stores and protects your business data in the Cloud so you can access it quickly and efficiently. Your data is synced in real-time so your team can pick up where you left off without any delays in the event your on-premise data is lost or compromised due to fire, flood, theft, etc.

Our current cloud offerings include the Disaster Recovery Service, Mobile and Cloud applications, and an AEC industry-wide Benchmarking Tool. Synergy Cloud Services are available to all Enterprise clients and will grow and develop over time.