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Sneak Peek at Windows 8

Overall, it seems faster, easier and less cluttered than earlier versions. Here’s the 3 features that stood out to us:

  1. New Start Screen - the traditional Windows Start Menu is replaced with a funky and highly interactive Start screen. It’s a vibrant display of colourful tiles that can be customised to your tastes. They allow you to quickly access applications and display information important to you. It’s not what you expect when you launch for the first time, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really quite good.
  2. Improved Ribbons – beyond the new Start screen the familiar Windows ribbons reappear at the top of Microsoft applications. There are some new options and tabs for existing ribbons plus they’ve added a brand new ribbon to Windows Explorer. Some people don’t like ribbons because they take up so much of the screen. But the idea is that they contain the most used commands in that application. Depending on your preference you’ll continue to either like or dislike them.
  3. One-size-fits-all approach – Microsoft has optimised Windows 8 to work on a range of devices from touch-only tablets, like iPads, to large screen PCs controlled with the traditional keyboard and mouse. We think this flexibility is going to make it a popular choice amongst the AEC community.

As this is only a ‘preview’ version of Windows 8 things will still change prior to release next year. But we really love the direction Microsoft is heading with Windows 8 and we’re going to add it to the bucket list of reasons to celebrate harder this holiday season – especially as we’re a Microsoft Gold Partner!

If you want to see more, take a look at Microsoft’s Building ‘Windows 8’ video to see it in action.


Windows 8

 Preview of Windows 8’s Start screen – very different to the current Start Menu.