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3 simple things you should know about cloud storage

Author: Jamie Millar
Three key facts you should know about the Cloud:

1. Every software or service application that runs on cloud computing technology is simply running on a computer server (or many servers) in a data centre. These data centres are hosted by computer engineers just like the ones seen in most offices today. These engineers are specialists, and in many cases, they share these computers with a number of clients and across various applications in a virtual environment.

2. The cloud environment runs on a web browser like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. There is no need for any software installations or additional set-up requirements. Users simply login via the website and their hosted data is readily available to access from any computing device, at any time.

3. Cloud applications and solutions are cheaper to run. Cloud platforms are ‘rented’ on a subscription basis with low commitment to term contracts. Vendors are responsible for data security, back-up, maintenance and operational processes like regular upgrades, making it easier for businesses to use and maintain.


Business apps and files storage in the cloud