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4 top SynergyTIPS to avoid the nightmare after Christmas

Avoid the nightmare after christmasIt’s holiday season, you’ve got one foot on the beach already, but now is the time to get everything organised for an easy start-up in January. There’s nothing worse than getting back to the office and realising something is amiss (failed servers, no back-ups, new rates, a hole in the cash flow…).

Here are four top tips for looking after your architecture, engineering or design business before you shut down for the holidays:

  1. Get timesheets up to date It’s not unusual for people to forget things after a holiday (nothing at all to do with the applied reduction of grey matter….). Get everyone up-to-date with timesheets now and avoid the pain of trying to remember who did what when, and for who, last year.
  2. Get draft invoices organised Many Australian businesses shut down for two to four weeks at this time of year so it’s important to finalise invoices and send them out to ensure cash coming in during January. Don’t forget Synergy allows you to keep track of hourly charges and multiple charge rates in one project. You can use sub projects to charge different rates within the same project, as well as charge a specific rate to an individual for a particular sub project. #justsaying
  3. New rates for a new year If new rates are coming with the new year, set an ‘effective date’ for the new rates (e.g. 01 January 2014). Setting an ‘effective date’ for new rates for 2014, before you head off on holiday, means any billable time will be set at the right rate from the first day back (and covers any work being done before the office opens).
  4. Run a back-up A favourite time for server and system power supplies or motherboards to fail is on start-up after an extended shutdown. Don’t forget to ensure your cloud sync is working and up-to-date, or that you’ve backed-up to a tape drive or external hard drive (or two, with adequate storage space for your whole database) and take them offsite. The easiest way to manage consistent back-ups is to set-up Synergy cloud sync – give us a call, we can help!

So to ensure you’re not the lead player in the ‘Nightmare After Christmas’, follow these tips and enjoy your holidays knowing you’ll be raring to go in the new year!