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6 workflow benefits of real AEC practice management software

In the world of architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC) too many generic timesheet and job apps claim to be built for architectural practice management. While these apps no doubt work well for businesses like accounting practices or PR agencies, they rarely meet the unique needs of an architectural practice or engineering business.

What is it that sets genuine architectural and engineering practice management software apart from run-of-the-mill project accounting apps?

It comes down to being designed for that niche audience. If the application is built from the ground up with, and for, architectural and engineering practices, it will maximise the very specific workflow needs of the professionals in focus – practice managers, architects, engineers, project managers, directors, accounting partners and, of course, their clients.


So if you want to make the most of your architectural practice or engineering business workflow, you’ll need very specific features in your software. Here are six that you almost certainly won’t find in generic timesheet and job apps:

  1. Built-in industry specific rates - based on architecture industry rates, they simplify how you bill the right rate depending on the task or work performed.
  2. Drawing register and transmittals – sending and registering drawings for projects is a critical part of architecture project accuracy and document management.
  3. Contract admin – this takes the pain out of managing and tracking contracts by centralising the hundreds of details associated with contracts in a single, easy to access location – register RFI’s, architect/contract instructions, change orders, issue notices and more.
  4. Version controlled file management – controlled file management where you can create and monitor document versions, when it’s checked in or out, and by who.
  5. Resource and capacity planning – understanding how to get the most out of your key resources – people! – by scheduling work across either the entire business or at project level.
  6. Plus lots of other things like fixed price stages, percentage of project value and hourly rate fee structures, contract sum adjustments, sub projects, sub contractors and so many more things that are entirely specific to the maximising workflow of an architectural or engineering practice.

(Okay, so the sixth one was a bit of a free-for-all, but you get the idea.)

Time tracking vs AEC specific

Practice management software is about making your business more effective (doing the right things), then more efficient (doing things right). Get that combination right and your practice will prosper.

When choosing practice management software that claims it was built for your industry, ask some important questions about whether it helps you do the things you actually need to do.

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