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The importance and value of employee engagement

What does it take to create a workplace that lifts and motivates people rather than supressing and deflating them? Experiential engagement and business coaching specialist AltusQ— in collaboration with red Balloon — has released its 2013 Employee Engagement Capabilities Report which highlights the critical business value of high employee engagement.

We’ve summarised the basics here and you can download AltusQ’s free report with the link below.

Fully engaged staff are much more productive than “wage slave” automatons — customers will have a vastly better and more engaged experience when they deal with staff who genuinely love their jobs.

There are many useful techniques to drive consistently strong employee engagement — the 2013 Employee Engagement Capabilities Report from AltusQ highlights three key areas:

  • Clear leadership
  • Connected management
  • Consistency across the organisation.

Click here to download the free 2013 Employee Engagement Capabilities Report

AltusQ Employee Engagement ReportClear leadership

Developing a compelling vision and communicating this to employees, immersing them in it, creates hope. AltusQ says:

“Hope is an energy generator and, conversely, a hope deficit will soon have a business running on empty.”

Employees thrive on hope — that the future will be better than the past; for the company; for themselves; for their families...

Connected management

An employee’s engagement often comes down to that person’s relationship with their manager. Almost 70 per cent of employee engagement scores are tied to this fact.

Good employee engagement is heavily influenced by whether employees believe their manager listens to them, that they share information with them and that information is going up and down the line so employees feel ‘plugged-in’.


Achieving engagement on any level requires commitment across the whole organisation, from the senior management right down to the most junior employee. It’s a strategic investment that takes time and application, it can’t just be switched on.

According to AltusQ: ‘nothing says “we’re really not that into you” like a lapsed or faltering employee engagement program’.

Click here to download the free 2013 Employee Engagement Capabilities Report

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