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Do timesheets on the bus

#SynergyTIPS – do timesheets on the bus

Synergy mobile AEC timesheetsHere at Synergy, we have to do timesheets too. The nature of being a software developer and consultant services provider is such that time needs to be recorded and billed.

Synergy Cloud App is fantastic for our team as they can finish up on a client visit or training call, login to Synergy on their smartphone and record their time on the spot.

This is a feature available to all Synergy Enterprise clients who have elected for Synergy Cloud Services. That means your teams of architects, engineers and designers can do timesheets on the run, have access to contacts and see and add notes to projects – all from their phone, tablet, laptop or any internet browsing device.

In addition to all that really cool stuff, you and your team can enter expenses for a visit to a client site or prospect while still in the client's office, or on the bus (or flight) home, using the cash and travel expenses tabs. Entering expenses on the go ensures you won’t miss the month-end payroll run!

So next time you’re having to chase up incomplete architecture and engineering timesheets and expenses, remind them they can manage these critical tasks while out and about, saving everyone a little bit of administrative hassle and, don't forget, creating more time for design!

Check out this sample of mobile screenshots