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  • 2017 client satisfaction survey

    Synergy Blog | 11 December 2017
    Our 2017 client satisfaction survey results.

  • All new Synergy is LIVE!

    Synergy Blog | 30 October 2017
    All new Synergy is live! No downloads. No installations. No manual updates. No annual fees. No contracts. Find out more on the new website and sign up for a 30-day free trial. No credit card required.

  • Synergy2017 is a wrap!

    Synergy Blog | 30 March 2017
    Synergy2017 was another fantastic day of original, relevant, insightful and objective talks and presentations. The focus, as always, is on how technology enables better business. We heard from the Total Synergy team, three Synergy clients, and two fabulous keynote presenters. Read all about it and check out the videos.

  • Total Synergy 2016 client satisfaction survey results

    Synergy Blog | 14 February 2017
    Introduced by a short letter from Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne, this is an infographic showing the results from the 2016 Total Synergy client satisfaction survey.

  • The SUM of all pixels – what does high DPI mean to the way you work?

    Synergy Blog, Tech Blog | 23 September 2016
    The proliferation of high DPI devices has caused a few desktop software applications to, lets say, look a bit weird. It's all to do with density of pixels. Why has this come about, what has this meant for Synergy, how did we fix it? It's all here in this blog...

  • Synergy2016 – Dr Jason Fox

    Better Business Blog | 01 July 2016
    [Video] A stunning highlight from Synergy2016 is the closing keynote from Dr Jason Fox. Jason takes a look at motivational design and how to inspire people to move beyond default thinking and pioneer to do great work. This is a must watch session.

  • Synergy2016 – CEO keynote – Scott Osborne

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 01 July 2016
    Synergy2016 video – Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne talks about the journey the company has been on, the state of the AEC industry, the future of the Synergy platform, and how technology continues to enable the business of architecture and engineering.

  • Synergy2016 – Technology keynote – Sophie Byrne (Microsoft)

    Tech Blog | 01 July 2016
    [Video] The Synergy2016 technology keynote came from Microsoft's Sophie Byrne. Sophie focuses on what innovation really is and how SME businesses can tap into change that adds value.

  • Synergy2016 – employer brand strategy – Jamie Millar

    Better Business Blog | 01 July 2016
    Total Synergy corporate communications manager Jamie Millar talks about the strategic importance of an employer brand strategy and interprets this for an SME AEC business perspective.

  • Synergy2016 - Client presentation- Rosanna Palumbo (URPS)

    #SynergyTIPS, Inside AEC | 01 July 2016
    South Australia Synergy User Group founder Rosanna Palumbo talks about how the South Australia User Group works together (and what they've learned).

  • Synergy2016 - Client presentation - Andrew Derbidge (Partridge)

    #SynergyTIPS, Inside AEC | 01 July 2016
    In this Synergy2016 video, Partridge Engineers director Andrew Derbidge talks about how he uses Synergy to run the structural engineering consultancy.

  • Synergy2016- Client presentation - Peter Redway (Quantum Surveys)

    #SynergyTIPS, Inside AEC | 01 July 2016
    Synergy2016 client talk – Quantum Surveys director Peter Redway talks about how his surveying company, with an operation area of 600,000 sq kms, manages 700 different projects per year using Synergy Practice Management.

  • Synergy2016 - Melanie Bunting – what's new in Synergy Practice Management

    Synergy Blog, #SynergyTIPS | 01 July 2016
    Melanie Bunting introduces the new features and functionality in Synergy Practice Management (v4), including a new OData feed from Synergy Cloud Services to Microsoft Power BI and Tableau.

  • Synergy2016 - Jon Devine – utilisation vs efficiency

    Synergy Blog, #SynergyTIPS | 01 July 2016
    In this Synergy2016 session, Total Synergy's Jon Devine tells a tale of two timesheets. Utilisation and efficiency are markedly different – understanding and measuring them correctly is critical.

  • Total Synergy has moved to a new home

    Synergy Blog | 29 June 2016
    Total Synergy has moved to a new home. From Friday 1 July, we'll be at 99 Mount St, North Sydney. Read on to hear about our funky new office – a custom, collaborative work space – and a little about our plans to grow.

  • Total Synergy 2015 client satisfaction survey results

    Synergy Blog | 07 April 2016
    We run an annual client satisfaction survey and these are the 2015 results, warts and all. Our CEO, Scott Osborne, talks about the results and the actions we're taking to focus on continually improving for our clients.

  • From Melbourne to Chile – how ATC Williams finds more time in the cloud

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 16 December 2015
    ATC Williams is a consulting engineering firm working in the mining industry. A Synergy Practice Management client since 2009, the company has just under 100 employees across offices in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Chile and Peru. ATC Williams adopted Synergy Cloud Services earlier this year, we interviewed Synergy administrator Elaine Fisher about how the cloud is waking a difference.

  • Top tips from Synergy services for a fret free festive furlough

    #SynergyTIPS | 15 December 2015
    It’s that time when Australia closes up shop for a few weeks (for the most part). A time to forget about work, head to the beach and catch your fill of the finer things in life. We asked our services team for some top tips on things to remember when closing the office, and things to prepare for a new calendar year.

  • Microsoft ignites a community in the cloud

    Tech Blog | 15 December 2015
    Microsoft Australia’s annual Ignite conference is all about the technical side of Microsoft. Two Synergy developers were there last month to find out where Microsoft is going with its development platforms and tools. What they discovered was a refreshing blend of open source, cloud and community – more evidence of the changing vibe at the tech giant.

  • Interview – Microsoft opens flagship store in Sydney

    Tech Blog | 12 November 2015
    Microsoft opened its first Australian flagship store today at Sydney's Pitt Street mall, only the second "flagship" store in the world (the first opened in New York City a couple of weeks ago). Some of the team from Total Synergy were invited along to a pre-launch visit a couple of days ago. Here's what we found...

  • You can't teach old software new tricks

    Tech Blog | 04 August 2015
    Synergy’s most recent release spelled the end of support for old versions of Microsoft Office, Windows Server and SQL. It’s important to keep software up-to-date for many reasons, including support. We asked around the office for a few thoughts on the importance of upgrading software.

  • Synergy2015 - strategic benefits of content marketing (and how to do it) - Jamie Millar

    Better Business Blog | 20 July 2015
    Total Synergy corporate communications manager Jamie Millar talks about the importance of content marketing (and how to do it) as part of a broader digital marketing strategy for SME architecture, engineering and construction design firms.

  • Synergy2015 CEO keynote - Globalisation and collaboration - Scott Osborne

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 20 July 2015
    Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne reflects on the key drivers of change in the AEC industry identified at last year's conference – globalisation, technology, collaboration – and looks to the future and how technology will both enable and disrupt the AEC industry both in Australia and around the world.

  • Synergy2015 - client presentation - David Yeates

    Synergy Blog, #SynergyTIPS | 17 July 2015
    Liquid Blu Architects business manager David Yeates' Synergy2015 talk is about his role in running the business side of the practice to enable the architects to focus on design. Synergy has saved the firm significant money through efficiency and effectiveness of processes like transmittals and drawing register and in connecting to accounting software.

  • Synergy2015 - client presentation - McVeigh Consultants

    Synergy Blog, #SynergyTIPS | 16 July 2015
    McVeigh Consultants managing director Michael McVeigh talks about how his consulting engineering firm uses Synergy to develop business strategy.

  • Synergy2015 client presentation - Mark Williams - Mark Williams Architects

    | 13 July 2015
    Mark Williams, managing director of Mark Williams Architects, presents how his architecture practice uses Synergy Practice Management to store and analyse historical project information for more accurate proposals.

  • Technology as a strategy - Cory Banks - Synergy2015

    Synergy Blog | 09 July 2015
    Microsoft productivity architect Cory Banks talks to the Synergy2015 audience about how technology is a business enabler. Technology must be dynamic, responsive and collaborative to create competitive differences for AEC businesses.

  • Designing a future that works - Jason Clarke - Synergy2015

    Synergy Blog | 08 July 2015
    Synergy2015 Keynote speaker Jason Clarke's electrifying and hilarious talk focuses on how "technical creatives", like architects and engineers, have an opportunity to create real innovation for the benefit of society. He believes that true innovation lies at the nexus of creativity and physical limitation.

  • Interview - Microsoft Azure disaster recovery available to SMBs

    | 04 May 2015
    The importance of backing up business data can’t be overstated. We’ve all experienced those heart-stopping moments where you realise something’s gone wrong with a server or computer and the things you thought were safely saved – documents, files, applications, databases – have gone. Of course, you knew this would happen one day and you have a backup. Don’t you?

  • Total Synergy 2014 client satisfaction survey results

    | 29 January 2015
    The 2014 Synergy client satisfaction survey is out and we’d like to share the awesome results. Read CEO Scott Osborne’s letter to our clients and check out the results infographic.

  • 5 benefits of Synergy Cloud Services

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 12 December 2014
    Synergy Cloud Services is the cloud-based add-on to Synergy Practice Management that offers many benefits from security to efficiency. If you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of cloud services, check out these five benefits Synergy clients get from Synergy Cloud Services.

  • Synergy users benefit from training webinars – survey

    Synergy Blog | 12 December 2014
    We changed our training webinars to a free service in 2014 – they’ve been a huge success. Click ‘read more’ to check out the webinar survey results infographic and find out about the new series of training webinars for 2015.

  • Avoid the nightmare AFTER Christmas – revisited – infographic

    Synergy Blog | 12 December 2014
    We've revisited last year's tips to avoid the nightmare AFTER Christmas. Check out this handy infographic, read about server failures and get things ready to take advantage of a great start to the new year!

  • 4 pillars of AEC business and project management

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    The trick to managing architecture and engineering design businesses and projects smoothly involves four pillars – project accounting, document management and communication, performance analysis and reporting, and contract admin. Or to put it in more simple terms: looking after the dollars, making sure everyone’s on the same page, understanding the big picture, and covering your arse! Synergy Practice Management ties these four pillars together, something it is unique in doing in the Australian AEC market.

  • Xpress reimagined – Synergy taking flight

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    In 2009 we launched a version of Synergy called Xpress, a scaled down version of our Foundation product (which is a scaled down version of Enterprise). At Synergy2014 – our national client conference earlier this year – we gave a small preview of our plans to rebuild Synergy Xpress. The team has been working hard on this and we’ll soon be launching a whole new Synergy for small architecture, engineering and construction design businesses, built for and in the cloud.

  • Synergy2014 - client presentation - JBA

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    JBA urban development services CEO Ian Robertson talking at Synergy2014 about how JBA measures productivity using Synergy Practice Management.

  • Synergy2014 - client presentation - Jones Nicholson

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    Jones Nicholson Chairman Colin Nicholson talks at Synergy2014 about the importance of getting the foundations and setup right in Synergy Practice Management for best reporting and project management results.

  • Synergy2014 - client presentation - Hames Sharley

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    Hames Sharley practice director Philip Parker at Synergy2014 talking about architecture business and project analysis across local, state and national level, and across portfolios.

  • SynergyTIPS – Keep your My Projects list up-to date using Bulk Update

    #SynergyTIPS | 21 October 2014
    Finding it hard to find the project you are working on, has your list of favourites become too long? Don’t have the time to manually uncheck the projects you don’t want in your list anymore, one-by-one? Use the My Project feature to create a list of your favourite projects, or ones that you work on regularly.

  • Synergy2014 - The world is changing, seize the opportunity - Sue Holliday

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    This video features our Synergy2014 keynote speaker, Sue Holliday. Sue is a city planner and economist, professor of practice planning for UNSW, and former director general of planning for NSW. In this video she talks about the key drivers of change faced by the global and Australian built environment industry, and proposes strategic ideas to meet these changes.

  • Cloud for AEC - dispelling the myths

    Synergy Blog | 21 October 2014
    Synergy's CEO Scott Osborne discusses the advantages and risks of cloud based software for the AEC market. Total Synergy is an SME that has moved its business to the cloud. find out what the company learned and the pitfalls to avoid.

  • Windows Server 2003 end of support – 14 July 2015

    Tech Blog | 21 October 2014
    Microsoft has announced the end of support date for Windows Server 2003 – 14 July 2015. While we’re on the subject, it’s also vital that you move on from SQL 2005 if you haven’t already. Here’s what that all means...

  • Architecture and the significance of technology

    Inside AEC | 13 August 2014
    Technology is giving architecture back a sense of credibility. An interview with Liquid Blu business manager David Yeates, featured in Australian Design Review.

  • Total Synergy 2013 client satisfaction survey results

    Synergy Blog | 16 July 2014
    In October last year (2013) we sent out a client satisfaction survey to 780 of our clients. We had 234 responses – 30 per cent. This is a huge response. We’d like to share the results with you – read CEO Scott Osborne’s letter to our clients and check out the results infographic.

  • Synergy 4.8.8 – major product release

    Synergy Blog | 05 June 2014
    The latest release for Synergy is now live – Synergy 4.8.8. This is a major release containing a large number of new developments, and updates to existing features in both Synergy Enterprise and Foundation. Read on to find out more about what’s new in Synergy 4.8.8.

  • Revit Technology Conference 2014

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 15 April 2014
    Total Synergy is exhibiting at the Revit Technology Conference Australasia 2014 (RTC) at the Melbourne Pullman – 29-31 May. If you’re going, head to booth 24 to meet the team – you can also put your name in to win a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 ultrabook tablet.

  • The hub of all knowledge

    Synergy Blog | 14 April 2014
    Small businesses don’t always have the luxury of replacing staff during short-term or temporary absences. Consulting Engineering Solutions is one such business that has built a hub of knowledge in Synergy that lets the business continue without missing a step when someone is out of the loop.

  • What would your business do if all of its servers failed?

    Synergy Blog | 10 April 2014
    You’ve heard terrifying stories of businesses suffering a server crash. You can picture that pit-of-the-stomach, sinking feeling when you can’t connect to the network. No emails. No database. No contacts. This is exactly what happened to LVO Architecture and Urban Design just after the Christmas break.

  • Synergy2014 – another year, but not just another event

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 03 April 2014
    Synergy2014 took place on Thursday 27 March, 2014 at the Australian Technology Park, Sydney. With over 100 attendees from around Australia, the event offered a jam-packed day of insight and information on Synergy, business technology and the AEC industry. Read more...

  • Synergy Cloud Services updates

    Synergy Blog | 03 April 2014
    Updates to Synergy Cloud Services have been released including weekly timesheets and expenses, new login options and time and expense reports. These updates are already live, find out more and watch videos of how these new features work

  • Speaker line-up confirmed for Synergy2014

    Client Event | 24 January 2014
    Synergy2014 speaker line-up is finalised. We're really excited about the original, relevant, insightful and objective content we have organised for the Total Synergy annual client conference.

  • Synergy summer closing times

    Synergy Blog | 19 December 2013
    We’re taking a break for the summer – our office closes on Friday 20 December and reopens on Monday 6 January 2014. Read this for information for support over the holidays and some Christmas cheer.

  • 8 tips for optimising your AEC LinkedIn company page

    Better Business Blog | 19 December 2013
    8 components to optimise your AEC business LinkedIn company page. Check out our SlideShare presentation.

  • 4 top SynergyTIPS to avoid the nightmare after Christmas

    #SynergyTIPS | 19 December 2013
    Don’t fall into the trap of forgetting some of the important tasks before you shut down for the summer. Here are four top tips of things to do in your architectural, engineering or design practice before the holidays.

  • 6 workflow benefits of real AEC practice management software

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 28 November 2013
    What is it that sets genuine architectural and engineering practice management software apart from run-of-the-mill job apps? Here are six features that you almost certainly won’t find in generic timesheet and job apps...

  • Makers of environments and connections

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 20 November 2013
    The themes for the 2014 National Architecture Practice in Perth gave us pause for thought. Our own direction mirrors one of them in many ways...

  • Synergy 4.8.7 goes live

    Synergy Blog | 18 November 2013
    We launched the latest Synergy release on Friday – 4.8.7. This release brings a combination of new features and updates, including performance enhancements, restyles and redesigns, and a host of minor tweaks across the platform.

  • SynergyTIPS – ditch double entry with Synergy Connect

    #SynergyTIPS | 01 October 2013
    Many architecture, engineering and construction design (AEC) businesses don’t invoice as regularly as they could. Practices that use Synergy often find one of the biggest benefits is a higher volume of invoicing – which generally leads to more consistent cash flow. The problem with a higher volume of invoicing is an increase in the dreaded double-entry...

  • Digital Business – the value of social media for AEC firms

    Better Business Blog | 30 September 2013
    In professional services marketing social media has been a buzz topic for many years. The reality is, though, in the AEC industry, social media adoption for businesses is relatively low. Why should professional services industries get involved in social media? Here we talk about the value of social media to professional services with Xero community manager Catherine Walker.

  • WIP projects into shape with project valuation

    #SynergyTIPS | 24 September 2013
    Synergy Project Valuation allows AEC businesses to understand the value of projects based on actual earned revenue value, not just what is sitting in WIP.

  • i2C - architecture practice of the future

    Inside AEC | 24 September 2013
    i2C is an architecture practice at the leading edge of business technology. Reduced IT costs and improved efficiency are two reasons they aimed for the clouds.

  • NBRS PARTNERS - architects of best practice

    Inside AEC | 17 September 2013
    NBRS+PARTNERS has been driving to find practice management solutions that can help create alignment between the back-end ‘machine’ and the front-end creative. Along the way, they came across some interesting outcomes...

  • Total Synergy view of Xerocon Sydney 2013

    Synergy Blog | 06 September 2013
    A CEO, product architect, product development manager and marketer walk into a bar… There’s probably a joke in there somewhere, but replace ‘bar’ with Xerocon and that’s exactly what we did last week. Here are our four perspectives of Xerocon Sydney 2013…

  • Top 5 Takeaways from Microsoft APC 2013

    Tech Blog | 23 August 2013
    Team Total Synergy just attended the Microsoft Australia Partner Conference in Cairns (tough gig, but someone had to do it!). Here are CEO Scott Osborne's top 5 takeaways from #APC13

  • An audience with the AEC

    Inside AEC | 12 August 2013
    What makes the AEC sector tick as a business-to-business (B2B) audience? How are the industry segments faring in these gloomy times? Who better to ask than senior media/editorial staff at Australia’s leading engineering and architecture industry magazines…

  • 5 benefits of periodic payments with Synergy

    Synergy Blog | 31 July 2013
    We introduced periodic payments for Synergy Practice Management software recently and it’s off to a flying start! Existing clients with perpetual licenses can now pay with bi-annual or quarterly schedules and our new named user license is available for new clients with monthly billing per named user. Now we’re off and running, here are five key benefits of Synergy’s new periodic billing options...

  • How AEC businesses can begin migrating to the cloud

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 31 July 2013
    Whether AEC businesses want to begin thinking about moving servers and software to the cloud or not, it’s a direction that has a weight of inevitability about it. So when should you begin to think about moving to the cloud, what are the options and how does a company go about getting there?

  • Do timesheets on the bus

    #SynergyTIPS, Cloud | 30 July 2013
    Did you know your teams of architects, engineers and designers can do timesheets on the run? They also have access to contacts and can see and add notes to projects – all from their phone, tablet, laptop or any internet browsing device.

  • Vote with a click for the next training webinar

    Synergy Training, #SynergyTIPS | 29 July 2013
    We’ll be holding another Synergy training webinar in September and we'd like you to vote with a click.

  • The importance and value of employee engagement

    Better Business Blog | 26 July 2013
    What does it take to create a workplace that lifts and motivates people rather than supressing and deflating them? Experiential engagement and business coaching specialist AltusQ— in collaboration with red Balloon — has released its 2013 Employee Engagement Capabilities Report which highlights the critical business value of high employee engagement.

  • 3 simple things you should know about cloud storage

    Tech Blog, Cloud | 23 July 2013

  • Tech Blog: Microsoft Surface Pro – a tale of two users

    Tech Blog | 09 July 2013
    The Microsoft Surface Pro packs enough of a punch to make it well worth a look as a very practical and functional AEC business device. Here's our review

  • Cloud services offers flexibility and security to AEC businesses

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 21 June 2013
    Synergy Cloud Services has been up and running for around 12 months. What do AEC industry businesses get from cloud services and what makes the data, and the organisations, more secure...

  • Tech blog: Windows 8 — the future of Windows OS is multicoloured

    Tech Blog | 18 June 2013
    Synergy Tech Blog - Windows 8 has had a mixed reception since launch - its 8.1 update answers some questions and continues the march to the future.

  • Synergy introduces periodic billing

    Synergy Blog | 17 June 2013
    We have now introduced periodic billing to Synergy Practice Management software. Architecture, engineering and design (AEC) businesses can spread payments by credit card throughout the year...

  • Windows XP out to pasture

    Tech Blog | 04 June 2013
    Windows XP out to pasture (if you haven't upgraded, the time is now)

  • Cottee Parker and Studio Nine talk Practice Management

    Inside AEC | 31 May 2013
    Cottee Parker Architects' David Hooker and Studio Nine's David Ey share points of view of the benefits of business management technology for architecture.

  • Synergy 4.8.5 goes live — new functions, features and an eye on the future

    Synergy Blog | 27 May 2013
    Synergy 4.8.5 is here bringing a host of new features designed to further simplify AEC practice management.

  • Xero Hour - Synergy syncs with Xero for cloud 9 integration

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 23 May 2013
    Synergy’s latest release — 4.8.5 — includes Synergy Connect for Xero, a clever interface that synchronises project accounts with one of the world’s leading cloud accounting applications...

  • Synergy 2013 – clients asked, we delivered

    Synergy Blog, Client Event | 17 May 2013
    Over 130 Synergy clients attended our annual conference in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney in March.

  • Australia's AEC industry - a view of recovery

    Architecture Australia eNews | 14 May 2013
    Australia's AEC sector eyes economic recovery. Insider views from Total Synergy general manager Will Noble and Hames Sharley executive chairman William Hames.

  • Practice Management Software - Infographic

    Synergy Blog | 12 May 2013
    You are an architect, engineer or construction design professional. You design for a living and you love it. It's understandable you'd rather poke your eyes out with a blunt stick than spend hours on timesheets, budgets or invoicing. Sadly, your business won't succeed without these important business processes...

  • Sneak Peek at Windows 8

    Tech Blog | 09 March 2013
    Microsoft recently gave our development team a sneak peek at Windows 8 - the next version of their very popular operating system (due out later next year).

  • Synergy 4.8 and Cloud Services have arrived

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 10 January 2013
    The latest Synergy release – 4.8 – hit the streets last month. We hope clients are tracking well with the upgrade and enjoying all the fantastic new features and functionality.

  • We earned Mo money this year!

    Synergy Blog | 12 December 2012
    Movember 2012 was a massive success raising a record-breaking amount of $11,325 and counting. Thanks to everyone that participated, promoted and donated to the cause.

  • More time to do what you love

    Synergy Blog | 12 November 2012
    Total Synergy helps architecture, engineering and design professionals find more time to do what they love – like design. Check out our two-minute video to learn how we can help your business be more efficient.

  • Knowledge is Power, Moustache is King

    Synergy Blog | 10 October 2012
    Let's join forces with the rest of the globe and fire up some friendly competition to raise mo’ funds and bring light to important men’s health issues.

  • Using technology to build and shape our future

    Tech Blog, Cloud | 01 September 2012
    Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne explores the speed of technological change and its effect on AEC businesses. As seen in Architecture Australia magazine

  • Synergy Enterprise Cloud Services

    Synergy Blog, Cloud | 09 May 2012
    Synergy Enterprise Cloud Services launches as part of Synergy 4.8.

  • Common pitfalls in practice management

    Synergy Blog, Inside AEC | 01 July 2011
    Total Synergy CEO Scott Osborne discusses the challenges of managing a busy architecture practice – invoicing, budgets, backups – and how a strategic approach can smooth the way. As seen in Architecture Australia magazine and ...