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Transmittals save you time and reduces risk by allowing you to easily track all the important project documents and drawings you send – including who, what, where, when and why. A simple drawing register also allows you to plan how many drawings are needed (for projects and sub projects) and can automatically generate transmittal summary documents in Excel and PDF format.
Synergy Transmittals

Manage and report on transmittals and quickly create drawing registers

  • Organise documents and drawings by number, type, size and scale
  • Automatically generate transmittal and drawing register documents in Word and Excel
  • Maintain an accurate audit trail of documents and drawings sent — who, when what, where and why
  • Create new transmittals
  • View historical list of transmittals
  • See a list of sent transmittals for each project
  • Review default how and why a transmittal was sent
  • Create a transmittal summary for life of project
  • Automatically generate transmittal documents in Excel or as a PDF
Drawing register
  • Choose display fields
  • Define mandatory fields
  • Link to the transmittal summary
  • Add drawings from a variety of templates
  • Add drawings from sub project drawing registers
  • Add drawings from files in project directories 

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