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Everybody wants quick access to the right information. Storing information in your inbox is a recipe for disaster. Document Management is an integrated part of Synergy. It gives you control over your IP and slashes the time it takes to create, file and find documents and emails.
Example of controlled documents

File and find your emails and documents in one easy to access location

  • Create a central and secure document library that will make back-up, archiving and version control easy
  • File documents and emails fast with clever text matching that predicts the best project location for filing
  • Find documents you're looking for in just seconds with a Google-like search engine


  • Secure and central storage
  • Standard practice directories
  • New Synergy documents
  • Control over documents/emails
  • Uncontrolled option for drafts
  • Structured naming conventions
  • Auto version/number control
  • User defined access
  • Complete version history
  • Auto register Synergy documents
  • Import files from other directories
  • Auto link to projects and contacts
  • File emails from MS Outlook fast
  • Save attachments separately
  • Easy drag and drop functionality
  • Roll back using version history
  • Check-out for editing or viewing
  • Check-out alerts
  • Single view of all documents
  • Powerful free text search
  • Clever sort and filter options
  • Search by document type
  • Search by project sub directories
  • View files by project or contact


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