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Some architects and engineers refuse to handle the contract administration of a project because it's often hard and time consuming work. Synergy makes tracking and managing your contracts easy by centralising your data and documents and streamlining the entire process.
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Manage contractual arrangements between clients and contractors with ease

  • Store the hundreds of details associated with contracts in a single, easy-to-access location
  • Quickly register, generate and track all your contract documentation such as RFIs and Instructions
  • Manage and customise all the payments with ease

Hungry for more features to reduce contract administration?

  • Issue instructions to contractors fast
  • Handle ongoing progress claims with ease
  • Register defects and quickly issue defect notices
  • Generate variations with appropriate approvals
  • Store costs as a lump sum or with full breakdown
  • Quickly register inbound and outbound documents
  • Link contacts to one or more contracts
  • Use templates to quickly create documents
  • Produce reports across all functions

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