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Accounts Connector

Synergy Connect synchronises Synergy with accounting systems like Xero, MYOB and Reckon. This allows a seamless interchange of financial data between Synergy and the accounting system meaning a single point of entry for all project related financial documents.

Synergy Account Connector

Connect your project accounts to your existing accounting system

  • No double entry - create invoices in Synergy and transfer invoice data back to your accounting system
  • Give control of debtors and billing to project managers without revealing full accounting information
  • Match fields between Synergy and accounting system like invoice number, invoice date and contacts


Manage project finances as a team


  • Create invoices and enter purchase orders in Synergy without having to re-enter the data into your accounting system
  • Enter payments into your accounting system and transfer the payment data back to Synergy in a single mouse click
  • Project managers and financial controllers remain fully appraised of financial position of projects in either system
  • Map invoice fields in Synergy and match them to your general ledger for easy entry of data in either system
  • A simple set-up wizard helps define the level of detail for invoices and matches items, account codes and tax codes, including to multiple entities
  • Cloud accounting systems and Synergy Cloud Services combine to ensure you can access your systems with an internet device
  • In-line editor after previewing data without having to exit the process
  • Audit trail of entries shows what has been synchronised, by who and when
Synergy Account Connector

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